Monday, November 23, 2009

Open Publishing & Cartography 2.0

The new issue of Cartographic Perspectives is available for free as part of a test of going all digital and open-access. Three Cheers for NACIS on that one, let's hope they keep it up.  The lead article is by David DiBiase and makes the case for more open access. David and I organized a session at the AAG Annual Meeting in 2007 on "Envisioning a post-proprietary Geography" – sadly we were somewhat poorly attended, no doubt in part because of the free wine being given away by publishers at the same time. (The more conspiratorially minded among us might think that a bit *too* coincidental...)

The issue also features the introduction by some of my former classmates (go Anthony), of the Cartography 2.0 website – an online source book for dynamic mapping.

You guys are embarrassing me with all the awesomeness. Keep it up - time for me to get working, too.

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